The Set: Jacq and Scot Tatelman

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Jacq and Scot (yes with just one "t") Tatelman are without a doubt one of my favorite couples in the world and not to mention two individuals that I have been so lucky to know, work with... and even call friends. As founders of the amazing bag/philanthropic brand, STATE Bags, which makes some of the coolest bags on the market, Scot and Jacq most definitely have a busy schedule. However, and in addition to their life's work of giving back, it is the work and love they have for each other and their family that inspires us. For instance, when you are in their presence, you immediately notice a few things: their genuine and kind demeanor, their constant laughter and sense of humor, and the way they look at each other.

As partners in both life and work, they make marriage and working with your spouse seem like a dream job. However, what we admire most about them is that despite the fact that they are one of best looking and coolest couples around, they never pretend to be a couple they aren't. They are honest about their faults and flaws, which makes us love them even more. After all, it is the way these two view life, love, friendship, and family that makes them such an inspirational couple. For in a world of constant competition and unsatisfied individuals, Jacq and Scot show that loving who you are with and remembering why you fell in love is so important.

At the end of the day, when work and the hustle of the daily grind is done, Scot and Jacq can be found doing what the love most - laughing and being the best parents to Oz and Ayla with their other family member, Pokie the dog, running around.

Continue reading below for their story. 

How did you meet?
We were set up by a mutual friend and it's a great story because I was initially set up with a mutual friend and we went on a couple of dates and there was no real chemistry. A month or so after, the same guy came out of the closet. Shortly after, the guy was at a wedding and he met Scot and said, "I think you should go out with this girl Jacq, I think you're really going to like her," but Scot had no interest of being set up. When Scot asked how this guy knew me, he told him we went on a couple of dates, which really intrigued Scot. After that night, Scot went on facebook and found my profile and said "that's my wife" and the rest was history. We went on our first date after that and fell in love.

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Where was your first date?
Scot: We met at a wine bar on Irving Place and neither of us were/are big drinkers but we had the best time and went on the best walk that night.

Was there a sign that you knew it was meant to be?
S: Jacq alluded to it, but before I even met her I became totally obsessed with her facebook page. Her profile picture was her wearing some casual outfit with her hair down really long and she had this really genuine smile and she just looked so comfortable and confident with herself. The girls I was getting set up with before this point were so not my speed and something about that photo made me instantly know that she was going to become my wife. There was also a moment when Jacq brought me to her mom's wedding and we had only been dating for a bit and there was a time when she spoke to the whole crowd and had them in the palm of her hand just by being herself. She didn't have anything prepared and she just spoke and everyone fell in love with her. The confidence that jumps off the photo is very real and unique and I always find myself gravitating towards that with her.

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What is your favorite thing about one another?
I would say that he is the best father I have ever seen in my whole life. He goes above and beyond and connects with the kids. He is completely in it and dedicated and loves them so much. I have a lot of other favorite things about him but that is so shining because our children are everything to us and all I ever wanted was for my daughter to have a good father... and I couldn't have picked anyone better. 
S: There is no one that I have ever met with Jacq that hasn't completely fallen in love with her as a person. There is so much authenticity and realness to her. She can laugh at herself and talk to anybody about anything and feels people's ups and downs in such a visceral way. What this does is create a group of fans and I just think that people really rally around her because she isn't intimidating and looking to one-up you and there is something very unique about that, especially in this city when everything is so competitive. She isn't affected by the fact that everyone loves her or that she is so beautiful.

Best advice for those looking to find love?
 Though I do believe in soulmates because I do think Scot is my soulmate, I do think there is actually multiple people for everyone. Not that I would want this, but I do think I could have had a happy life with someone else but without the connection that I have with Scot. You do have to wait and be patient and on your wedding day you should have no doubts about the person you are marrying. If you are patient, you will find that person and it is worth the wait, rather than settling. At the same time, once you do get married, you are married, so enjoy the ride and don't rush to get to the next phase forgetting to enjoy the moment you are in. It is the greatest feeling in the world to meet someone and fall in love with no doubts, but it does take time.

The most important part of a relationship?
S: Jacq is one of the top 3 people who can make me laugh no matter what is going on. She has become very comfortable in the STATE setting where everyone there is like family and she has very much come into her own. I think being with someone who can make you laugh and really let loose is very important, but also being authentic and kind is very important.
J: I think having someone you can talk to and who is sensitive and understanding is so important, but I do believe it is also very important to be with someone who will make you laugh because life can get pretty serious and it's nice to have a release and someone you can feel safe with. 


 How do you resolve your differences?

S: We come out of arguments better a lot of times because I like to communicate and I think talking it out is really important. 

J: Scot really pushes us to talk, which i think is really good because I am the worst communicator.  

Best advice for keeping the romance alive?
J: When we have a date night or have time just the two of us it is like we are on our honeymoon. We are so excited to be together and are so connected. We sit on the same side of the table and leave the office together. We can laugh and make fun of shit and it's just so nice to be able to focus on each other and hysterically laugh. For us, that is how we keep it going - finding the time to just be together. 

Photos by the amazing, Emma Clinton!