These Are the Art Galleries in NYC That You Must Check Out

Though sometimes daunting, the art world is extremely interesting and more alive now than ever before. There is more talent and creative forces being put to work and no better place to see their works of art than in New York City. So, in addition to the great galleries like The Guggenheim, The Whitney, MOMA, and The Met, we've put together the list of smaller galleries that showcase anything and everything from contemporary and post-war art to photography, visual arts, and film. 

Check out the list below to see which galleries pique your interest and go get inspired!


Peter Blum Gallery

Good for: Viewing a wide selection of artworks by leading artists

Dacia Gallery

Good for: Viewing contemporary art and both solo and group exhibitions of established and emerging artists. Also known for mounting increasingly ambitious representational, landscape and abstract exhibitions

Danzinger Gallery

Good for: Viewing fine art photography including many prominent contemporary and 20th century photographers.

Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery

Good for: Viewing modern glass & steel structure and contemporary master prints, drawings, paintings & sculpture.


Lyons Wier Gallery

Good for: Viewing work of modern artists who specialize in conceptual realism.


Fredericks & Freiser Gallery

Good for: Viewing works by both established contemporary & cutting-edge emerging artists in a minimal gallery space.

Paul Kasmin Gallery

Good for: Viewing modern and contemporary artists, representing several generations of internationally recognized artists working in a variety of media.


James Cohan Gallery

Good for: Viewing rotating contemporary art exhibits presented in various media.


Gladstone Gallery

Good for: Viewing contemporary art and works ranging from paintings to installations.


National Arts Club

Good for: Viewing a variety of shows, educational programs, and awards in areas including theater, visual arts, film, literature and music

Jenn Singer Gallery

Good for: Viewing emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, as well as a selection of artworks by established post-war modern artists.


17 Frost

Good for: Viewing a variety of shows in areas including visual arts, film, and music.


Slag Gallery

Good for: Viewing work by emerging contemporary artists

A.I.R. Gallery

Good for: Viewing work by hundreds of women artists as well as events, lectures and symposia on feminism, art, and more.

HG Contemporary

Good for: Viewing modern & contemporary art exhibitions (including photography and other art mediums).


Tilton Gallery

Good for: Discovering and viewing cutting edge, emerging artists from around the world.


Mnuchin Gallery

Good for: Viewing prominent American artists from the 1950s to the present.


Lévy Gorvy Gallery

Good for: Viewing post-war art and contemporary art, in both the primary and secondary markets.


Galerie Perrotin

Good for: Viewing contemporary works by many notable artists.

Gagosian Gallery

Good for: Viewing modern and contemporary art galleries.


The Hole

Good for: Viewing monthly solo and group exhibitions with a focus on emerging art and thematic group exhibitions.


Venus Over Manhattan

Good for: Viewing curated exhibitions and works of established artists or artists whose works have been somewhat overlooked. 



Good for: Viewing contemporary artists from the past 30 years, figures such as John Baldessari, Cindy Sherman and Robert Mapplethorpe, to name just a few.

Matthew Marks Gallery

Good for: Viewing modern and contemporary art in a variety of media, including: painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, film, and drawings and prints.


David Zwirner

Good for: Viewing contemporary art.


Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Good for: Viewing important movements within the history of art and the visibility of under-recognized artists.


White Columns

Good for: Viewing up-and-coming artists and emerging artists who are not affiliated with galleries.


Jack Shainman Gallery

Good for: Viewing contemporary works by African, Asian & North American artists.


Paula Cooper Gallery

Good for: Viewing minimalist and conceptual artists.


303 Gallery

Good for: Viewing work of Contemporary Artists working in all media.

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

Good for: Viewing fine art photography and photo-based art. The gallery represents a wide range of emerging and established photographers.

Andrew Edlin Gallery

Good for: Viewing artists whose work “reveals a radically individualistic vision.” The gallery handles work by both self-taught and academically trained contemporary artists.


Marlborough Contemporary

Good for: Viewing abstract & representational paintings, photographs & other art.


Petzel Gallery

Good for: Viewing works by rising international artists.


Westwood Gallery

Good for: Viewing international art projects, exhibitions and represents Contemporary and rediscovered prominent New York artists

Staley-Wise Gallery

Good for: Viewing photography focused on the masters of fashion photography, as well as portraiture, landscape, still life and nudes.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Good for: Viewing innovative and original Western and Aboriginal art.