Coco Ho Sits Down With The Tidalist to Discuss Surf, Music, and Her New Partnership With Skullcandy... Plus A Personal Playlist of Her Favorite Tunes


Since she can remember, Coco Ho has lived her life just as much on land as she has in the water. Born in Hawaii to a family of surfers, learning the ways of the waves was just as important as learning to walk so by time she was 9, Coco had already won her first surfing competition. Since then, her career has only continued to progress as she became the youngest female in history to qualify for the World Surf League Women’s World Tour at only 17.

Now at the prime age of 26 and with so many triumphs already under her belt (over 25 surfing awards and a top three fan favorite in Surfer magazine’s Surfer Poll), Ho has undoubtedly established herself as one of the biggest female names in surfing, showing no signs of slowing down. With surfing as her calling, she has been able to use it as a way to pursue and fuse her other passions into the sport. With sponsors like Volcom, Etnies, Mayhem, Swatch, and most recently, Skullcandy, Coco is transcending the category of "surfer girl" to encompass all of her passions, especially music. As Corey Flynn, Ambassador Marketing Manager of Skullcandy says, "Between her spirited personality, killer style (in and out of the water), and competitive nature – Coco couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Skullcandy. We’re stoked to have her join the family, and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!”

We sat down with Ho to discuss surf, wanderlust, and how music has played a role in her pursuit of her passion. See below for full interview:


The Tidalist: What is something most people don't know about you? 
Coco Ho: 
I grew up in a house with all boys, but I'm really a girly girl and love to sing and dance and definitely not afraid to do it. 

TT: Aside from surfing, music has also been a pivotal part of your life. What is it about music that has been so important throughout your career? 
I'm one of those people who actually listens to lyrics and when I was young I would always be listening to music in my room. It helps a lot with your mood and can bring so much good out of you and I think that's what music has done for me. 


TT: If you didn't become a surfer, what is something else you'd love to be doing?
I loved tennis growing up and have always had a lot of fun doing.  

TT: Skullcandy has a lot of great brand ambassadors as part of their team, what does it mean to you to be a part of this amazing team?
"I love to be loud and I love music and having fun and so Skullcandy was a perfect fit. I like the sense that Skullcandy can be serious and there are a lot of successful athletes, but it is a great balance of fun and competition.  

TT: What is your favorite place to surf on the East Coast?
"I've actually only ever surfed Long Beach in New York where the contest was and I really want to go to Montauk because I haven't been!


TT: When you aren't surfing, we can find you doing what?
I guess it depends on the time of year and is very much a day to day thing. During competitions, we stay pretty low key between heats and events, but you'll still find me by the beach all day. That's what I love about surfing, even if you aren't competing you can be at your place of work and enjoy it. 

TT: Is there a place you'd love to visit, but haven't had the opportunity to?
I really want to go to Italy

TT: When you first started surfing, what was the hardest thing to learn?
 The hardest thing I learned was probably reading the ocean

TT: Something you are most excited about for the future?
CC: I'm really excited for the progression of women's surfing and how far it has come. It was a lifestyle but it is so great to see surfing go worldwide. The involvement of brands really show the seriousness of the sport.

TT: Quote you live by?
CC: Confidence, charisma, and character outshine any beauty