The Line-Up: Laura Rubin of Allswell

Get to know the style and products that makes this earthy beauty glow.


Where are you from?
I grew up bouncing between the East Village, NYC and the suburbs of Westchester. As a result, I have never lived in just one place. I crave movement.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I never learned how to ride a bike.


Favorite city to live in / favorite to visit?
I love living in Venice, CA but Montauk in the shoulder season is still my favorite place to spend time. Homer, Alaska and Tofino, British Columbia are also both high on my list of places worthy of multiple return visits.

3 words that best describe yourself?
Loyal, Loving, Allergic to rules

Last concert you saw?
Sylvan Esso at the Greek in Los Angeles. Lead singer Amelia is a goddess. It was so refreshing to see a woman on stage rock her curvy body (in a cropped leotard, no less). It was sexy as hell.


If we hacked onto your Spotify, what would we be listening to?
Father John Misty, Lucius, Stevie Wonder (my all time fave), Johnny Cash and a playlist that Leah Dawson turned me on to when we were on a recent surf trip to Panama. It’s got all these afro-punk vibes.

Favorite restaurant(s)? 
Everything at MTN in Venice, the mussels at The Dock in Montauk, salmon at Favorite Bay Lodge in Angoon, Alaska, breakfast at Cafe Mogador in the East Village, pasta at Pace in Laurel Canyon, fried chicken from Herb’s in Montauk, BLAT’s at Oddfellow’s in Seattle. I could go on and on!

Favorite essentials clothing brand(s)?
I’m trying to replace my usual go-to’s with environmentally thoughtful alternatives for well-designed basics. This has not been an easy task.


A brand we should know?
Some of the best times of my life have been had in clothes made by Tracy Feith (especially his collection with Warm) and the skincare products from Take Care are truly amazing. I use their Generation serum and Levity spray. I don’t know what my friend Sadie Adams packs in those little vials (unicorn tears?) but the results are pretty amazing, even for a beach girl like me.

Where do you go to get inspired?
Out into Mother Nature, bookstores, and sitting under the massive yucca tree in my garden in Venice.


Favorite store?
Warm in NYC. Winnie’s edit and Kim’s merchandising is such a special combo. You wanna move in. It’s kind of early 70’s beachy but with an urban edge and has that whole Parisian-cool-girl thing going on, too. I try to stop by for a dose whenever I’m in NYC.

Any tattoos. If so, care to share of what?
I have the AllSwell wave tattooed on my right foot. How’s that for brand commitment?  

Person you most look up to?
My big brother. He’s the best man I know.


Favorite watch?
Currently looking for a vintage watch so I don’t need to check my phone as much. Anything to limit digital interaction. I have clocks in most rooms of my bungalow for that reason.

Dream car?
Vintage BMW 2002 in periwinkle or silver. Like two boxes piled on each other. With a sunroof, please.

Favorite shoes - casual and for a night out?
Vans or Isabel Marant loafers for day. I still have my NYC heels but they don’t get out much anymore. I have a pair of strappy mint green snakeskin Manolos that are pretty special, though. Every once in a while I take them for a spin.


Favorite quote?
“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I’d like to see you living in better conditions.” - Hafiz

Workout(s) of choice?
Pilates, hiking, beach walks and surfing. I messed up my shoulder surfing so no more yoga for me.

Something you are most excited about for the future?
Each and every AllSwell workshop.

Artist you love?
Way too many to name. Okay, trying... Jenny Holzer is probably my all time favorite. Whip-smart and cheeky AF. Andy Goldsworthy is also great. I love how site-specific and ephemeral his work is, out in the elements. I also recently collaborated with my friend artist Allison Kunath on an AllSwell workshop and she rocked my world. (Every once in a while it’s good to have your world rocked.)