The Line-Up: Karla Gutierrez of Casa Violeta

If you’ve travelled enough, there comes a point when you learn to appreciate hotels for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s a lavish and luxury hotel like The Saint James in Paris or the Royal Mansour in Marrakech that is exactly what you need, while other times, especially if you are heading to the beach (and a lot of the time we are), gems like Casa Violeta are what we long for and need to replenish the soul and remind us of what tranquility and lust for life is all about.

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this chic beachfront hotel is an 8-minute walk from Ox Bel Ha cave system, and 8 km from the Mayan ruins at Tulum - El Castillo and the Temple of the Frescoes. It is the perfect place to decompress and detox with the best that Vitamin C and delicious food can possibly bring. However, and though it is definitely a place loved by some of our favorite tastemakers, like Athena Calderone, it is the woman behind it all who makes this place exude its magnetic glow.

Born and bred beauty, with what we call true sangre de la tierra, Karla Gutierrez is equally as beautiful as her surroundings. With a style that shows in every corner of her beloved hotel, this hospitality maven is just getting started in bringing her style to the world.

We sat down with the beauty to learn what makes up her ethereal beauty. Read on!


Where are you from?
Guadalajara, Mexico.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
My passion for photography.

Favorite city to live in / favorite to visit?
Puglia and Aspen.

Favorite hotel(s) in the world?
Crow’s Nest Montauk and Masseria Marzalossa in Puglia.

Last concert you saw?
Andrea Bocelli.


If we hacked onto your Spotify, what would we be listening to?
The Lumineers.

Favorite restaurant(s)?

Favorite essentials clothing brand(s)?
La Marée swimwear, can’t live without it!

A brand we should know?
Totem home and Lorie Russo.

Where do you go to get inspired?
Anywhere where there is water. A walk on the beach or the sound of the rain or a river; listening to the water inspires me deeply.

Favorite store?
Wanderlust, Caló, Matta and Warm NY.


Any tattoos. If so, care to share of what?
No tattoos so far but maybe one day….

Person you most look up to?
My mother and mother in-law. I love them both dearly.

Favorite watch?

Dream car?
An old Range Rover Jeep.

Favorite shoes - casual and for a night out?
ByJAMES leather sandals or barefoot.


Favorite quote?
“The time is always now.”

Workout(s) of choice?
Rafael Chaman’s three hour yoga class, hip hop yoga by Colby and Laurie Cole’s SoulCycle class.

Something you are most excited about for the future?
Watching my son grow up and developing Casa Violeta products.

Artist you love?
I love Peter Tunney and Carlito Dalceggio. We have Carlito’s murals all around Casa Violeta.


Be sure to visit Casa Violeta!