Get to Know: Molly McCorkle, The Creative Mastermind Behind Byers Collective

When looking at Molly McCorkle’s resume, one thing is made very apparent, she is one of the most talented creatives living in the city and has worked with some of the biggest companies and brands in both the lifestyle, fashion, and hospitality spaces.

A Founder of her own creative agency, Byers Collective, and the Senior Editor of our favorite travel site, A Hotel Life, Molly is clearly never one to be complacent. Regardless of whether she is traveling around the world, exploring new places, Molly puts her creative mind to work doing branding and design for hospitality groups like The Surf Lodge and Public Hotels as well as for creative tastemakers like Eyeswoon and Studio Robert McKinley. Plain and simple, Molly is inspirational and the true definition of a New York hustler. She has the grit and grace to put her talents to work and reach the right people, but still manages to feed her love of travel.

With her creative and cultured perspective, we were dying to know what makes Molly so interesting. From her personal style to her favorite places to visit, she is a tastemaker that I am proud to know.

Continue reading to find out more about this artist behind some of your favorite branding and design works.


Where are you from?
Winter Park, Florida

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I’m learning Russian.

Favorite city to live in / favorite to visit?
New York, it’s the place I’ve called home for the last nine years. Favorite place to visit…Italy, easily! I spend time each summer in Italy exploring and most importantly enjoying all of the food and wine.


Favorite hotel(s) in the world?
JK Place Capri

Last concert you saw?

If we hacked onto your Spotify, what would we be listening to?
This time of year a lot of John Coltrane.

Favorite restaurant(s)?
La Giostra in Florence (the pear ravioli…..)

Favorite essentials clothing brand(s)?
Sleepy Jones

A brand we should know?
JK Hotels...rumor has it they're opening a hotel in Paris in the near future.

Where do you go to get inspired?
Anywhere that’s outside of my own head. I find I’m the most creatively frustrated when I spend too much time thinking. A walk around the hood (West Village) with a stop or two in some of my favorite cafes usually clears up a block.

Favorite store?
La Mercerie. French food and furniture, what more do you need.

La Mercerie

La Mercerie

Any tattoos. If so, care to share of what?
No way.

Person you most look up to?
My parents, they are the perfect people in more ways than one.

Favorite watch?


Dream car?
Mini moke! For my dream beach home.

Favorite shoes - casual and for a night out?
Casual…vans. A night out…a pair of wild neon Marissa Webbs that were a gift from my best friend. We’re cheesy, we have matching bestie shoes, and we love them.

Workout(s) of choice?
New York Pilates. I cannot live without it.

Something you are most excited about for the future?
Central air conditioning (dream big).

Artist you love?